Yamaha YD2

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The YD-2 250 ccm motorcycle was the first Yamaha sold in Europe.


It took a very long time to find a YD2. In 1960 the first Yamaha Importer in Europe, Messrs. "Het Motorpaleis" (Motorpalace), received their first units. Only 40 were sold and that took them 5 years! This machine is the second one sold in the Netherlands. The restoration was very difficult as you can imagine. I obtained new wheel rims from Takesago in Japan (the original partnumber). The mufflers were so bad that they needed brazing-up carefully and were a nightmare for the plater. But the result was there and the machine runs very smoothly.


Extremely rare, I have found original decals that were fixed on the inside of the side-cover, enabling the owner to check various items. The English was not so good yet.......!


Yamaha YD Series Instruction Label
Yamaha YD Series Instruction label
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